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Unique Skin Therapy

Unique Skin Therapy Services

Unique Skin Therapy offers a range of services and treatments tailored to your skin. Danita uses clinically proven Environ Skin Care products, specifically formulated to nourish, repair, and rejuvenate your skin. Achieve results with professional products and professional treatments. 

Services offered include:  

  • Esthetics
  • Electrology

All services are offered in a relaxing and rejuvenating environment, leaving you feeling refreshed and confident in your reborn skin.


Acne Extraction Facial

Acne is a common skin issue that affects many people. Acne occurs when pores become clogged with oil, shedding hair, and dead skin cells, which lead to blemishes.
Unique Skin Therapy by Danita offers esthetic services that can help remove acne through acne extraction facial.
During this treatment, Danita will deep cleanse the skin and extract the blemishes from your skin by using a tool to extract clogged pores, black heads, and milia. The use of radio frequency is used to remove sebaceous hyperplasia, which is a dysfunctional oil gland where oil gets trapped below the surface of the skin, looking like a tiny donut shape. After extractions the use of high frequency will be used to help heal and reduce inflammation. The result of this treatment leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, and healthy.

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Deep Cleaning Mini Facial

This treatment deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it with a youthful, polished glow. During this treatment, Danita will use a variety of pharmaceutical grade products tailored to your skin type. The deep cleaning mini facial is perfect for those with busy schedules who want to refresh their skin quickly. This treatment is also great for teens and anyone who needs an introduction to skincare treatments.

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Dermaplaning removes the top layer of dead skin cells and vellus hair that makes your skin look dull and lackluster. By removing the dead cells of the skin, your skin is left with a brighter and smoother appearance. Dermaplaning is an excellent choice for people who want to rejuvenate their skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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This treatment removes dead skin cells, acne scars, and fine lines by using a diamond-tip wand that gently exfoliates the skin. The wand removes the top layer of skin cells, promoting the growth of new and healthy skin. Microdermabrasion is a treatment suitable for people of all ages. It is perfect for those seeking a solution to skin problems such as fine lines, sun damage, and mild acne scars.

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VI Peel Precision Plus

Our most popular treatment, this medium-depth powerhouse peel works to suppress melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source while promoting rapid cell turnover for more even and bright skin tone. Resurfacing action reveals brighter, renewed skin for results in 7 days.

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VI Peel™ Original

A great first-time peel for all age groups and skin types seeking multiple benefits from their peel—including tighter-looking skin, smoother texture, and renewed radiance. VI Peel Original is specifically formulated to rejuvenate, refresh, and reset for rapid, visible results safely and effectively.
This potent, powerful treatment is ideal for more mature clients that want to intensify results against deep-set wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our innovative treatment is formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients that penetrate deeper to combat the signs of aging and soften fine lines and wrinkles. This targeted formula helps enhance collagen stimulation to increase cell turnover and help firm the skin.

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VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus

Pigmentation issues PLUS acne and/or acne scarring. Enjoy two treatments in one! Take on current breakouts and the scars and pigmentation they leave behind. This superior purifying and smoothing acne treatment clears away dead skin cells and excess oil to speed breakout clearing and purify pores to prevent breakouts. By targeting melanogenesis—the production of melanin—at the source, this treatment helps minimize stubborn post-acne scars and uneven tone for a brighter, smoother surface.

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VI Peel Purify

A multi-faceted treatment for the many triggers and symptoms of acne, from dead skin cells and excessive oiliness to clogged pores and all types of blemishes. Our peel sweeps away skin cells known to clog pores, clears out oil and debris trapped deep within the pores, eliminates p. acnes bacteria and balances skin for fewer breakouts and a smoother texture.

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VI Peel™ Advanced

This potent, powerful treatment is ideal for more mature clients that want to intensify results against deep-set wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Our innovative treatment is formulated with a synergistic blend of ingredients that penetrate deeper to combat the signs of aging and soften fine lines and wrinkles. This targeted formula helps enhance collagen stimulation to increase cell turnover and help firm the skin.

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VI Peel™ Body

The makers of the #1 Chemical Peel for the face wants you to have your best body ever. First-of-its-kind, non-invasive, and pain-free. VI Peel Body treatments stimulate anti-aging collagen to increase cellular turnover. Help target troubled areas and reveal smoother, more radiant skin in just one treatment. Safe for all skin types, tones, and textures – it’s a peel for every body.

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Blemish Control Cool Peel®

This powerful Cool Peel® therapy assists with the management of the appearance of blemish prone and distressed skin by purifying, cleansing, and assisting in reducing the look and effects of clogged pores and surface impurities. This is a hero treatment for the effects of problematic skin conditions.

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Bright Recovery Cool Peel®

This treatment is perfect for individuals with dull, lackluster, or sun-damaged skin. The gentle lactic acid cool peel is an expertly formulated treatment that effectively reduces the signs of premature aging. It uses a combination of lactic acid and vitamin C to brighten the skin while promoting collagen production, leaving your skin revitalized and radiant.

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Deep Cleansing Cool Peel®

Environ’s interpretation of the classic deep cleanse facial. This unique method of deep cleansing the skin is gentle in exfoliating the skin’s surface, yet effective in purifying and assisting to control the appearance of congested, breakout-prone skin. This unique, gentle peel helps to achieve visible improvements, leaving the skin looking radiantly healthy and refreshed

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Moisture Boost Cool Peel®

Other peels may damage your skin, but not Environ’s safe formula designed to gently peel. This treatment is suitable for individuals with dehydrated and dry skin. Designed to gently buff the skin’s surface and focus on revitalizing the look of dry, tired skin. This peel reveals a healthy-looking glow. This gentle yet effective peel is suitable to do all year round with no visible peeling.

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Vibrant C Micro Peel®

VIBRANT-C MICRO PEEL®, a concentrated, vitamin C infused peel that is freshly mixed before application to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy. Vitamin C is essential for the skin to function at its best. This treatment is proven to deliver a healthy-looking complexion with the appearance of an even skin tone and texture. This is an excellent choice for the appearance of sun-damaged, pigmented, and mature skins.

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Essential Comfort Calming Facial

This treatment is ideal for calming the look and feel of sensitive, irritated skin. A powerful combination of smart ingredients leaves the skin feeling soothed with a healthy-looking radiance.

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Collagen Induction Therapy + (CIT)

This treatment uses a specialized micro rolling device to create microscopic injuries to the skin. This triggers the skin’s collagen production. A powerful antioxidant blend, specially formulated for the use during this process, enhances the collagen stimulation. A mild Environ cool peel is applied to the skin after micro rolling. Lastly, an Alginate Masque full of nutrients and detoxifying clay heals, soothes, and calms. CIT is ideal for treating wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and stretch marks.

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Electrolysis takes some patience but it’s absolutely worth the wait as the effects are truly permanent. Most patients start to have noticeable results after several treatments, however, it can take on average 8-18 months for full results. This variance is due to many factors and every patient is unique. These treatments are scheduled in timed increments of 15 minutes.

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Electrology MTF pre-bottom surgery

Danita has experience with working with transgender clients and their specific pre-surgery needs. Electrology + MTF pre-bottom surgery is a unique skin therapy service that is designed specifically for those preparing for male-to-female bottom surgery. During the Electrology + MTF pre-bottom surgery sessions, Danita focuses on removing unwanted hair growth before the surgery.

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Unique Skin Therapy by Danita Green offers a wide variety of skin therapy services tailored to your specific skin type and condition resulting in skin you will love. 

To learn more about our services, or schedule a skin consultation, please text Unique Skin Therapy at 614-361-9569 or email